Who We Serve

We Serve corporate institutions, NGOs, schools and universities to support their learning, productivity and impact delivery/profitability goals! Our services are optimised to facilitate-

Workforce and Institutional Optimization for:


In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, a well-trained, nurtured workforce is required to create joy at work and steer daily operations towards not just achieving but exceeding set business goals. 


From high-impact onboarding process, to strategic workplace learning programmes, we deliver and manage corporate Learning Management System (LMS) solutions to ambitious organizations so that their ‘growthforce’ (employees) can have on the go access to the learning and development resources they desire and require to position and propel their entire organization for optimum performance and profitability.


The need to nurture and develop your people is imperative for organizational growth and sustainability, that is why we provide Learning Management System tailored to turbocharge your learning and development initiatives! And we make that happen for you without breaking your budget. Contact us today – grow@growthways@gmail.com

Every organization in the business of consulting and training other companies’ employees and/or offering different levels of intervention to a diverse client base, would need a robust platform to both optimise and scale their delivery. 



As a training organization, with our Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS) and various eLearning solutions, you are empowered to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to your clients’ peculiar needs across various industries. Our LMS would can also be optimised and used for upskilling your team of consultants so that they are able to support your clients with their learning and development goals.


In addition to offering a robust Learning Management System to support your consulting and training business, we also provide eLearning content authoring where we are focused on optimising learning resources to develop/strengthen competencies and infuse soft skills that will elevate productivity and enrich customer relationships. Contact us today – grow@growthways@gmail.com


Governance and Social Enterprise Advancement for:

In every society, the government and public institutions are largely responsible for setting the strategic direction, frameworks and infrastructures that will shape the quality of life. social atmosphere and economic opportunities and security for their people. 


The government sets the pace for these starting with leading various public sector learning and enterprise development trainings, and GrowthWays Africa supports governments with custom eLearning solutions specifically designed to strengthen the leadership and social impact delivery capacity of public office holders and core public institutions.



As a government or public institution leader, whether you are looking for solutions to bridge critical skill gaps, or you need scalable solution to develop or strengthen the execution capacities of key public stakeholders, or you want to entrench regulatory standards and compliance for some quality assurance measures, our team is able to tailor, deliver and maintain a dynamic learning management system and training resources that will specifically address identified and anticipated needs.


Now Governments At Different Levels Can Boast Of Highly Skilled Employees

At GrowthWays Africa, we believe that Government and public institutions should have the best hands and brains in all sectors, and we deploy learning interventions to make this happen with our wide-range of topnotch eLearning solutions! Contact us today – grow@growthways@gmail.com, let’s explore, initiate and deliver social impacts for greater good.


Learning management systems is by far a powerful social transformation tool and we work with not-for-profit oragnizations who are into youth, leadership, and enterprise development to provide them the right learning platform to scale their impact and widen their reach. Contact us today – grow@growthways@gmail.com let’s explore how we may of service to you.

Education and Economic Productivity Revolution for:

Online Learning and eLearning Platforms for Higher Education 

We are rethinking education delivery.

Provide the best eLearning experience for your students, educators and administrators while maximising your LMS investment.

eLearning provides universities with innovative options for course presentation and accessibility. However, not all further education Learning Management Systems (LMS) or eLearning solutions are created or leveraged equally. Your university’s online learning platform should be capable of supporting dynamic learning programs with synchronous, asynchronous, and accessible learning experiences in order to reach and engage with today’s diverse learners, both on-campus and remotely. Are you looking for a learning platform that can better meet the needs of learners, educators and administrators campus-wide?

Luckily, Moodle™ for further education checks all these boxes. With eThink’s fully-managed LMS solution that includes implementation, hosting, and world-class Moodle™ service, you can maximise your learning outcomes while streamlining costs. Read on to learn more.

Learning Management Systems for Primary & Secondary Education 

Learning Management System can be customised to complement conventional classroom learning with highly engaging elearning and online  education resources.

GrowthWays Africa offers a wide range of Moodle based LMS and eLearning solutions that are tailored to meet specific learning needs of primary and secondary education.


We believe that various State Ministries of Education can deploy a single LMS platform to deliver an entire academic curriculum and more for different classes, because Moodle LMS, offers you the robust flexibility to configure or customise your platform to get exactly the features required to meet the educational needs of your users and your business goals as well.


We provide competency-based personal development and upskilling courses that are self-paced and highly interactive.