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Continuous Learning unlocks the amazing beauty of life, and by so doing, every human aspiration has a greater chance of being attained! We are here and poised to make your learning and development journey fun, super functional and extraordinarily rewarding for you and your team!

You don't have to commute to scale your capabilities and results, because we are
meeting you right where you are with tailored solutions to help you get to where you want to be!

Whether you are an individual seeking to improve your skills or develop new capabilities;
or you are an institution seeking to entrench a high-performance learning and development culture
in order to optimise your growth potentials, and create more happiness for your stakeholders, we are
here to help turbocharge your learning and development initiatives to produce the desired outcomes.

Our Products:

Moodle LMS Project Management

We provide fully Managed Learning Management Systems (LMS) services that can be tailored to meet your organisation’s learning and development goals. Our solutions are easily adaptable to meet both individual and institutional development needs.

E-learning Content Authoring

No functional learning would take place without a great learning experience, and no great learning experience will happen without an aptly designed, context-specific and highly engaging learning resource. Let's infuse life and fun into your learning experience through our high-impact e-learning content authoring services.

Future-Impact Academy

The Future-Impact Academy is competency-based and results oriented learning institute, delivering context specific capacity development interventions to bridge critical skill gaps across Africa. We also provide trainings for eLearning managers, teachers and LMS users and administrators!

Our commitment is to provide you a fit for purpose capacity and competency bridge that moves you to new possibilities while advancing you to where you want to be!

Here Is Why you Need To Choose Moodle™ LMS

Moodle™ is the preferred LMS globally!

Moodle is the world’s most popular open-source learning platform with over 200 million registered users. It is the Learning Management System of choice due to its high customizability, low cost of deployment and user friendly features that empower millions of educators and learners in every country to improve themselves and hence foster a better world for humankind.

Why is Moodle the Number 1 LMS Globally?

Moodle™ delivers a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning. Because of its flexibility and scalability, Moodle™ has been adapted for use across education, business, non-profit, government, and many other community systems of all sizes.

Moodle-LMS is Highly-Customisable

The Moodle-LMS interface can be customised through themes and settings to tailor it to your organisation’s and learners’ needs. So that your LMS has your own look and feel - full branding possibility!

Moodle-LMS is Easily Scalable and Works Well With 3rd Party Solutions

With Moodle plugins, you can easily add new functionalities to enrich user experience and support students, teachers, and administrators.

Moodle Offers Analytics and Tracking

Moodle analytics makes it easier for you to effectively monitor your learners' progress with enhanced completion tracking and personalised learning plans, built from competency frameworks and learning objectives. You can also grade learners' activities.

Moodle Provides A Robust, Safe, and Secure eLearning

With over 200 million registered users, backed by a large community of developers constantly looking for ways to enhance the eLearning experience. Moodle™ has several authentication options that make it both safe and secured. Moodle is always constantly improving its user experience features such as user interface, admin experience, user-requested features, any necessary security patches, and more. 

Supports Interactive and Social Learning

Provides tailored support for learners on their journey through discussion forums, instant messaging, group activities and collaborative experiences. Moodle is simply driving amazing learning revolution across the globe! Come onboard, let's help you harness the power of Moodle™ to entrench a learning and development culture that provides your employees and entire organisation with a flexible, easily accessible and high-impact training platform that will raise your organization new summits..

Moodle™ LMS Pricing

Moodle has a super flexible and budget friendly pricing structure which is usually determined by a clients needs - such as the expected number of active users over a 12 month period, level of customization or addition of features, and how the Moodle™ would be set up. We begin by having you give us details about your goals and organizational learning needs. This would then enable us to tailor a proposal to meet your specific needs!

Enjoy Our Array of Unique Moodle LMS
and eLearning Boutique Services

eLearning Content Design,
Development and Conversion

We create learning experiences that people actually enjoy using.

Every learning engagement should be designed to produce  the level of learning experience that will stimulate desired outcomes. Our elearning content designers and developers are focused on deploying effective learning solutions that move you to exciting new possibilities while meeting your unique personal and/or team’s performance goals!

Moodle Training

The beauty of, and the only way to enjoy the best of Moodle, is in getting end users and administrators really comfortable with using the platform. We design and deliver bespoke training packages for effective and seamless onboarding of all users, and specifically to enhance administrators’ skill, sharpen both teaching and management skills of course creators, and enrich individual learner’s experience.

Customisable Workplace
Learning Platforms

Visionary organizations need a system that enable them maximize today’s potentials and possibilities, and at the same build a solid team for the future. They need a well thought out learning culture that empowers their employees with the resources they require to excel today and thrive in the future.

As always, we go further, and our goal is to help you reach (exceed) the
learning and development summit you have envisioned!

Moodle-LMS Implementation

Our LMS implantation services cover - Moodle Hosting, Set Up, Customization and Performance Audit. We get your Moodle site up and running optimally. Our team would be fully on ground providing the support needed to attain and exceed your learning and development goals.

Learning and Development Support

With every support we provide to our clients, we are driven by a bigger picture of entrenching a thriving, high-impact learning and development culture.

Moodle-LMS Training

We are committed to giving you a fit for purpose solution, and also helping you develop the capacity to maximize the power of Moodle LMS through our custom training for LMS administrators, teaching staff and learners.

L&D Needs Analysis

We help you review your learning and development goals and milestones, so that you have more clarity and execution momentum around your L&D, and ultimately position yourself to get you to where you want to be!


GrowthWays' Future-Impacts Academy delivers on-demand competency based learning solutions focused around facilitating the development of highly sought-after industry skills that position our clients for significant impacts in their pursuits.

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