Category: Personal Transformation

August 4, 2023

Just like most couples would actually start planning and saving for their children’s upkeep way before they have them, it is also highly critical  (of greater importance) for them to start developing themselves early enough for the real task of laying the foundation for their children to become good humans and responsible individuals in their adulthood. No doctor would wait until the day he/she has the first patient/client, before they start going to medical school or learning how to help people stay healthy. Unfortunately, it is only in a high stake profession like parenting that you see people waiting till they have children before learning or developing good parenting skills; and many don’t actually care at all about strengthening their parenting skills.

March 17, 2017

The manual of Life says Time and Chance happen to people to define their heights of achievement in life, however, we do see that life is more meaningful for people who do not leave their “Time and Chance” to chance, but will rather take practical steps to create their own “Time and Chance”.