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According to The manual of Life Time and Chance happen to people to define their heights of achievement in life, however, we do see that life is more meaningful for people who do not leave their “Time and Chance” to chance, but will rather take responsibility and push things forward practical steps to determine what their own “Time and Chance” will deliver to them.

The things that define, drive and guarantee desired outcomes in life and nationhood, are encapsulated or embodied in routines that people most times take with a pinch of salt. And the truth is that it is somewhat a challenge for a lot people to stay focused on routines that will produce their desired results or for them to align their routines to produce their desired results.

For instance, at some stages of life, most of the things young people pass for entertainment are pure distractions from the things they should be focusing on. And what we have seen is that it is very easy for people to drift into being busy with inconsequential things, while procrastinating on the ones that really matter. I believe this explains why people would be more likely to spend their precious life time engaging people on social media just for no worthwhile course, rather than spending ample time to engage their minds to drive very important goals in their life. We watch Netflix instead of learning a new skills. We find it a lot easier to flip through magazines, than to focus on writing the next Great Novel. Obviously, with every step or action we take, we are either building or ruining our happiness and the results we desire.

Generally, only a few people are able to properly manage their routines and distraction so as to steer and keep themselves on the right course of achieving their goals and creating the life they like to live and the legacies they like to leave behind. I am wondering if you have found and taken your place among this few!

We all want to achieve some good levels of personal transformation, happiness and progress, but worthwhile achievement is a lot of work and requires pushing our mental boundaries. This is something majority of people find really challenging, uncomfortable and exhausting to do, hence they have not seen the results they seek!

To this end, I will say emphatically that we all need a healthy, functional Willpower and discipline to power us through life on the right path! So since every result is created out of routines, I like to ask what you will do differently henceforth to get or grow closer to achieving your desired results and being the person you know you ought and want to be!

There is a light – a genius trapped inside of you, and your generation needs you to unleash it! So why not go ahead and Unleash your genius!!

We all have light trapped in us…

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