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We believe that with the right coalition of progressive minds working together towards a common goal for the greater good of Africans, Africa will grow in the direction that maximizes her potentials. Growthways Africa is focused on designing and delivering strategic solutions to strengthen the following critical sustainable development pillars:

Result Oriented Leadership

Because we believe that Result Oriented Leadership is a critical imperative for setting the framework and inspiring the work for Africa’s renaissance.

Outcome Specific Human Capital Development

Because we believe that Outcome Specific Human Capital Growth is a core requirement for cataysing and driving Africa’s renaissance.

High-Impact Value System And Excellence Culture

Because we believe that Shared Progressive Social Orientation and Value System are vital for maintaining the environment for Africa’s Renaissance.

Why Now:

We know the time is ripe for Africa's Renaissance and we are rallying
a coalition of forward-thinking minds and institutions to transform Africa's Potentials into
shared a prosperity that sets Africa on the path of progressive growth, one mind and community at a time.

Africa has a huge mass of young population. However, whether or not this population would become its greatest asset is solely dependent on the quality of development or empowerment that Africa’s young population receives.
Africa is undoubtedly a continent with enormous human and natural potentials, however, the recurring BIG question remains that of how to harness and unlock these potentials to catalyse progress and inclusive growth.
GrowthWays delves into the heart and root of the perennial challenges confronting the continent, proffers solutions and leads initiatives to solve these challenges by raising a New Breed Of Values Driven Leaders and Citizens with requisite capabilities – essentially changing the tapestry of Africa’s leadership and human capital development framework in ways that stimulate enduring transformation and set the entire continent on the path of sustainable development.

Our work is focused on delivering progressive
outcomes towards the attainment of UN SDGs 4 and 16.

Our mission

GrowthWays Africa is on a Mission to raise a new breed of Ethical, Competent WorkforceLeaders and Citizens who are inclined to living their best lives and being instrumental to making high-growth results possible and driving meaningful development in their respective spheres of influence.

Our Solutions

  • Life Accelerating and Mastery Power - LAMP Programme
  • Potential Activating, Transformation and Harnessing - PATH Programme
  • Social Orientation and Culture Activation - SOCA Project
  • Leadership Activation and Values Infusion - LAVI Bootcamp